After working extensively in the conveyancing industry for nearly two decades, Brooke O’Connor knew it was time to amalgamate her skills and launch her own agency. Echelon Property Settlements was established in 2022, blending together real estate know-how, the experience of large-scale conveyancing transactions and genuine care for people and the community.

Having worked in large firms in her career, Brooke noticed that customer service often had to be compromised to meet the high volume demand prevalent in large settlement agencies. Identifying this inescapable gap, Brooke decided to launch something boutique that allowed clients to receive the reassurance, care and service they rightfully deserve.

Brooke’s strong work ethic and ability to work under pressure is an added peace of mind that our clients at Echelon Settlements can leverage.

“I started Echelon because having been in settlements for nearly 20 years I have developed my own brand of experienced quality customer service and having been a part of high turn over firms, thought it was time for me to be able to focus on that personalised and caring service and desire to serve.

I have a high respect for the service settlement agents provide and wanted to make sure I do all I can to keep our profession held in the highest of esteem.

We are so important to the community and need to always act accordingly. A real estate transaction is more likely to involve so many more elements of a persons life; family, kids, location, safety, money, dreams and ambitions, life events, investments and much more.

It really is a privilege to be trusted to be a part of this very important process.”

– Brooke O’Connor (Founder)

“ Echelon Settlements is here to provide a much needed service within our community. Our approach comes with the know-how, but also the kindness and understanding that is so imperative with something as complex and stressful as a property transaction.”

Meet the team

Growing up in a big family in Perth life was always busy and you certainly had to have a good balance of go-with-the-flow and being assertive.

I started in a small settlement agency at 18 years old, as a sign of how times have changed and evolved – we had an old accounting system called Kalamazoo, google it for a laugh, the typewriter and fax machine were heavily utilized and I quite sure we didnt even have mail merge for a long while. While working full time I was also completing my Advanced Diploma in Law by attending night classes after work, and particularly loved when we covered the basics of property law.

At 20 I bought my first block of land and built a house as a first home owner, this achievement might seem small later in life but that giant first step was a huge decision at the time and also started my love of real estate.

From then I have been a landlord, a tenant, built again and again, invested, bought established, sold land, sold established, helped with my own family deceased estate transactions, my personal real estate journey has absolutely helped me to provide a high level of service in my field.

During this time I also took on roles in larger settlement agencies and gained experience from my peers, particularly in large scale subdivisions and high volume residential transactions. Over time I have always had a keen interest in working through complex property transactions and finding solutions for clients or providing step by step how to achieve their goals, and in this have had vast experience in related party, deceased estates, court ordered property transfers, family arrangements, multiple share transfers and application transactions.

BROOKE O’CONNOR (Owner & Director)

During this time I completed the Diploma of Finance in Conveyancing, and was granted my License as a Settlement Agent.

In my own time I also play netball at WANL level and have done for over 10 years. Being a part of this club has a beautiful balance of people who have great character and are also highly competent, in sport and in their profession.

​“I believe you are the people you surround yourself with and being a part of this group means you are always striving for excellence.”

“My values include respect, integrity, honesty, kindness & empathy. In business I have applied these as personable, professional and knowledgeable.”

What our clients say

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